Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fatherly Love

This picture is worth much more than a thousand words. So I'll follow it with just a few more.

The relationship that fathers have with their daughters is one that amazes and inspires. 

It's been nearly 10 years since my Dad departed this world far too early, but the memories I have of the wonderful times we shared together will always be with me.

For Jonas and I, we are still in the early stages of creating beautiful memories with our two little girls. And I know that Sophie and Willow will continue to love, respect, admire and adore their Dad, just as I did, and still do, mine.

Jonas is a special kind of father. He carries with him that non-nonchalant attitude that says "If you don't mind, then I don't mind" when it comes to brushing aside the little things, like shoes on the wrong feet, wildly uncontrollable hair with bits of crusted food in it, mismatched clothes, muddy pants, and so forth. 

But when it comes to the important stuff he's right there to be an everyday hero. Kissing bumps and bruises, cheering on even the littlest of achievements, and most importantly creating opportunities for learning and growth...

Patience, opportunity and building confidence = One proud little girl.

Pulling the sled with just a little helping hand.

While things in life might go a little quicker and smoother if you just put the little one in a sled or stroller on those long walks, the opportunity to test limits, try new things, fall, get up, and fall again builds an immeasurable amount of self-respect, confidence, and determination in children. This, Jonas knows and it just comes naturally.

I'm grateful everyday for the amazing husband and father that we have in our lives and I know Sophie and Willow are too.

One day last week, Sophie and I were heading out the door to pick up groceries, and after carefully making our way down the slippery front steps Sophie stopped in her tracks and exclaimed “Oh, I need to give Daddy a hug and a kiss!” I didn’t even pause at the obvious impracticality of it, being that we’d only be gone for half an hour; I just turned around and helped her up the steps and back into the house so she could give her Daddy a big hug and kiss before we ventured out for our short shopping trip. Yes, this little girl is just as grateful as I am. And so is this one...

She just doesn't have the words yet.

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