Monday, July 02, 2012

Make It Monday: Rock Plant Markers

Everything in my vegetable garden has sprouted and is well on its way to producing some delicious veggie goodness to our dinner table. These plant markers would have been much more useful to have before everything in the garden sprouted, but what can I say, I often feel inspired to create something even or especially when it is completely unnecessary.  

Believe it or not, this little project was my break from bigger projects. Naptime for the kid's is often when I tackle big things, but this particular afternoon I felt like watching TV and painting rocks allowed me to feel less unproductive. Yup, makes no sense, I know.

What you'll need:

Clean rocks
Letter stamps
Black ink or acrylic paint
Fine tipped paint brushes
Various colours of acrylic paint
Varnish Gloss
Soft bristled paint brush


Step 1. Using the letter stamps and ink or acrylic paint stamp the names of the plants onto the face of the rock.

Step 2. Paint an image of the plant next to the name. Try a google image search of plant clipart for ideas on simple designs.

Step 3. Once the paint is completely dry apply 1 or 2 coats of Varnish Gloss to protect your artwork from weathering. Allow to dry completely and you're done.

These little rocks have a lovely home in my vegetable garden. Sophie had a great time identifying the picture of the vegetable on the rock and pairing it up with the correct leafy greens in the garden.

Happy Monday!

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