Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Review: Kandoo Foaming Handsoap

Review: Kandoo Handsoap for Kids

After a 5 minute rant on the phone my brother convinced me to write a blog post about Kandoo foaming handsoap for kids. This may be the beginning of a new relationship between myself and my blog. Lucky or unlucky for Kandoo, it is the first “victim” in my review series.

Parents in the potty training stages of parenthood are well aware that things get messy; very messy. So any little gimmick out there that can ease the pain of this particular life challenge is appealing. This is why I got suckered in to buying the Kandoo soap.

I made the silly assumption that Kandoo meant “can do,” nope this is a definite “can’t do” for my toddler.


Difficult to pump. My toddler has not once been able to press down on the pump to achieve the goal of having foam come out. Instead the liquid just dribbles out all over the sink and rarely does it end up on her hands.

Purple is messy. If you were imagining white or clear liquid dribbling all over the sink well that doesn’t seem so bad. The next problem is the soap is bright purple. Thus, now the sink is bright purple; and the faucet; and the floor; and the cream coloured hand towels!

Scary image, I know! Epic horror film music is playing in my head as I look at this nightmarish photo.


Washable. Fear not, Kandoo's claim that it washes out and doesn't stain is absolutely true. However, unless you want guests to walk into a horror scene like the one above you'd best plan on cleaning your bathroom every time your little one finishes washing up.

My Conclusion:

Kandoo does not live up to its name. Parents purchasing this product are likely doing so in order to allow their child some independence and to free up some of their own time. The difficulty of use leads to an incredible mess, which altogether defeats the purpose of purchasing this product. Expecting 1 extra minute of independence for a toddler, parents will be disappointed with an additional 5 minute clean up and more laundry to do.

Don't be fooled, the smug look this soap pump has is not because it's proud of its usefulness. It is laughing in your face as you wipe up the purple disaster that is now your bathroom.

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  1. Actually it does stain....It has stained my new bathroom sink, and will not come out...I called them, and they suggested oxiclean, we will see what happens...I
    will never use again!