Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Had a White Door and I Wanted it Painted Yellow...

And so I did.

There's a whole lot of sunshine and happiness going on in our house, but until last week you wouldn't know it by looking at the outside. The boring white door and faded pillars and trim just didn't fit.

One of this year's outdoor projects was to repaint the trim and pillars on the house as they had become incredibly faded and dull. During my search for the perfect matching exterior paint colour I kept looking at the house and thinking I wish there was a way to brighten it up. And so, a colourful door it is!

After sorting through the dusty Colour Theory files in my brain I eventually came to the decision of painting my door yellow to complement the "Smokey Blue" pillars. So here it is the "Empire Yellow" door.

And a super big thank you to my loveliest of lovely neighbours, Lisa, for gifting me with this stellar blue and yellow leafy doormat!

Let the sunshine and happiness continue!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! You made a great choice with the color. Yellow is a happy color. It gave your all-white façade an interesting focal point. It is also an inviting color. Your guest will feel warmly welcomed just by looking at (and entering) your door.