Monday, July 09, 2012

Make It Monday: Pin Cushion Jar

Until recently, my straight pins have been stored in the original small plastic container they came in. I also didn't have a pin cushion. So after each sewing project I would meticulously lay the pins side by side in orderly fashion. Okay, so that's a lie. I would end up with little piles of pins in random places throughout the house. I saw a pin cushion jar in the Canadian Living magazine awhile back and decided it would be the perfect solution. A little home inside for a pile of straight pins and a cushion on top for any stragglers. 

What you'll need:

Canning jar with a separate screw band and metal lid
Needle or sewing machine
Cotton stuffing
Hot glue 

Step 1. Separate the metal lid from the screw band of the jar, trace it onto the cardboard and cut it out.

Step 2. Lay the cardboard circle on the fabric and roughly draw a large circle about 2 inches out from the edges of the cardboard circle. Cut out the fabric.

Step 3. Hand stitch or machine sew a basting stitch around the outside edge of the fabric circle leaving a 1 cm gap between the start and finish of the thread. Pull both ends of the thread so the fabric starts to form a pouch (see image above).

Step 4. Stuff the cotton filling into the pouch and place the cardboard circle on top. Pull the loose thread edges taught and tie a knot. You now have a small pin cushion.

Step 5. Push the cushion through the metal screw band and hot glue the metal lid to the base of the cushion.

You're done. Store pins and buttons or other craft notions in the jars with a functional or decorative cushion on top.

Happy Monday!

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