Monday, June 11, 2012

Make It Monday: TP Roll Owls

This one's for the kids! 

Okay, in all honesty it started out as one for the kids, but then it turned into a craft for me too. I started by making one of these little guys with Sophie and then decided that he needed some company. So now I have three little owls keeping me company in the kitchen. Cute, right? No? Well, it'll be fun for the kids anyways.

I first saw these when I was perusing Pinterest the other day. Thanks to Natural Kids for the brilliant idea.

What you'll need:

Cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls
Paint tray - I use plastic container lids
Googly eyes
Fabric scraps - cut into teardrop shapes
Felt - cut into triangles


Paint the cardboard roll. Prepare to get messy like us. Let them dry completely.

Note: You may be wondering about the fairy wings, backwards fluffy headband and goofy crooked glasses. Well, if you read my earlier post The Toddler Diaries: Fashionista it makes complete sense. This is just any other day in our house.

Fold the top of each cardboard tube to form the owls ear tufts. Begin by setting the roll up on one end and folding the top end toward the centre of the tube. Repeat with the opposite side. See the image below.

Embellish with googly eyes, fabric wings and felt beaks. Affix with whatever type of glue you like. I prefer glue that dries clear since we tend to be a bit on the messy side here (this is why there is only one photo of Sophie during the gluing stage).

Voila! Happy little owls.

Happy Monday!

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