Monday, May 07, 2012

Make It Monday: Paper Windmills

A fun project for kids and crafty mom's alike!

What you'll need:

Art medium  - paint, crayons or markers work equally well
Scissors or cutting wheel


Paint. Have your little one colour or paint a sheet of paper to their hearts content. Let it dry. 

Cut it to size. Cut a 6" x 6" square out of the little artists painting.

Fold. Align two opposite corners and fold the square in half. Repeat with the remaining opposite corners. The result will be a creased X when the square is unfolded.

Pierce a hole in the centre of the X.

Cut slits. Following along each of the four creases, cut a slit until it is one inch from the centre hole.

Pierce corner holes. Imagine your square as four triangles that meet in the centre. Pierce only the right side of each triangle that meets at a corner of the square. Refer to the image below.

Form the windmill. Slide a pin through each of the pierced corners so they meet in the centre and push the pin through the centre hole. Note: If the painting is one sided, such as this, you can choose whether you want the painted side to be within the windmill blades or on the outside meeting at the centre pin.

Assemble. Thread a large bead onto the back of the pin. Following the bead, pierce the pin through a plastic straw. Finally thread on a second large bead and pierce the end of the pin into a small piece of cork.

Voila! Now your little one can proudly watch their masterpiece function as a whirling windmill. We put ours on display in a vase for a fun spring art piece.

 Happy Monday!

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