Monday, May 14, 2012

Make It Monday: Formula Can Upcycle

Yes, well, this is how it goes. As a mom of little ones I ultimately end up with a ridiculous amount of baby product containers that I just can't bring myself to recycle or throw away. You may recall the DIY Craft Storage Containers which were made from baby wipes containers.

So here it is. More craft storage made from empty baby formula cans.

What you'll need:

Empty formula can
Scrapbook or construction paper
Mod podge
Scissors or rotary cutter
Printed labels - plain printer paper & ink
Craft punches (optional)


Measure the height and circumference of the formula can to determine how much paper you need. Standard size scrapbook paper does not wrap all the way around the can so you'll end up piecing it together at the back.

Glue the paper to the can by spreading a thin layer of mod podge all over the can and wrapping the paper around it. Seal the edges of the paper with mod podge.

Embellish to your hearts content. I added a coordinating strip of scrapbook paper to the top and bottom of the can. I cut luggage tag shapes out of another coordinating strip of paper and affixed the craft labels to them with mod podge. I also punched out some flower shapes and glued them to the can. 


Bonus: Chalkboard Formula Can

If you're looking for another formula container upcycle idea, here's a quickie. Simply remove the paper from the can, layer on three coats of Chalkboard Paint, condition as directed and there you have it the perfect storage container for sidewalk chalk.

 Happy Monday!


  1. Great ideas for using containers. I also read your post on baby wipe containers. I am a teacher and always save good containers. You've given some great ideas on how to use them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Mrs. Anderson. Thanks for the nice comment and I'm glad I've given you some inspiration for jazzing up containers. I took a look at your blog and must say it's now become one of my favourites! Thanks.