Friday, February 03, 2012

The Toddler Diaries: Fashionista

If there was a TLC show titled What Not to Wear: The Toddler Edition, Sophie would definitely be a candidate.

I loved it for the first two years of her life when I could choose her outfits and make sure she was always wearing something that matched and looked cute.  The transition to independence started with Sophie deciding that she would pick out her own shirt to wear, which for about 2 months was a pink shirt with a Chihuahua on it.  Sometimes I wonder why I buy new clothes at all when she always wears the same darn thing.  At one point I attempted to tuck away that Chihuahua shirt so she would pick something else, but the resulting meltdown was not worth it. 

During those early days of fashion independence I was at least permitted to choose coordinating pants, but alas those days are over and now my presence is only required to get her into her chosen duds.  Which means at least they aren’t on backwards and inside out, I’m sure that will come soon.

Her outfits range from red tights, the aforementioned Chihuahua shirt and her bike helmet to her much loved tiger costume, which she insisted on wearing every day during the week before Christmas.  She is also very creative with accessorizing, her dad’s toque and her 3D glasses from the movie theater are some of her favorites, but bowls, baskets, and everyone’s shoes other than her own are not uncommon.  And on those days that she’s particularly proud of her clothing ensemble she’ll be in and out of the bathroom giving herself a once over in the mirror.

Days that we have company coming over or are heading out of the house I make every effort possible to influence her clothing choices.  This is one of my go to strategies…

“Sophie, do you want to wear tights today?”  Mommy says with excitement.  (This question almost always results in the desired response: “YES!”)

“Okay, if you’re going to wear tights then you need to wear a dress.” 

The times that this strategy works the result is wonderful.  The times it doesn't are epic failures; meaning Sophie ends up wearing transparent tights that show off her princess underwear and that freaking Chihuahua shirt!  Hardly suitable for dinner out.


  1. love it! love that last paragraph. and i can totally relate! i've tried hiding many things as well.