Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Embracing Pink

I can’t remember a time in my life when I liked the colour pink.  I admit I have made a few attempts at wearing pink, usually on those days that I feel like trying something new, but eventually that practically brand new shirt makes its way back into the dusty corners of my closet where other forgotten clothing items go to die (ie. chunky turtlenecks, denim jackets and wide leg jeans).  Over the past several years I have been able to ignore the pink which would seldom enter my life.  And then…

I was blessed with two darling little girls and suddenly my living room, kitchen, laundry baskets and hallways are exploding with pink.  Pink pants, shirts, socks, underwear, cars, strollers, babies, bibs, bottles, blankets – AHHHHHH!!!! Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink!

I can’t even tell you when it all happened.  I remember when Sophie was first born I was determined to avoid pink like the plague.  Of course I wasn’t totally disillusioned thinking she wouldn’t get pink toys and clothes, but I figured I would try and control the amount as much as I personally could.  Thinking back on it maybe if I had kept the gender of my children secret, like that family in the UK did, we wouldn't have been so bombarded with pink.  On the other hand, the image of a little boy in a tutu and fairy wings has me a little concerned about the presence of bullying in his future.  So being a conventional, stereotypical, bully-fearing mother it is not surprising that I didn't choose that route.

In the beginning, when I went to clothing stores I would seek out blue, green, yellow, orange and even purple items, but the dizzying sea of pink was so overwhelming.  The pink outfits seem to be mass produced so if you want to take advantage of a sale you're likely to get something in pink.  

Everything from potties and booster seats to underwear and pajamas are sold in either a Disney Princesses theme (Pink of course!) or a Cars theme.  Personally I think the Cars stuff is much cuter, but I got in trouble from our friends daughter for buying a Cars booster seat and since I have a healthy fear of tween's I will never make that mistake again.

So, I followed the age-old adage, if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.  Yes I am wearing pink nail polish (and it is bubble gum scented, thank you Revlon).  What can I say, I've totally cracked!

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