Monday, February 20, 2012

Make It Monday: Hair Clip Picture Frame

Sophie has a whole variety of hair clips and bows that have been tucked away in a little box on top of her dresser. Occasionally I’ll pull one out in the hopes that she will finally allow me to not only brush her hair, but jazz it up a little in the process. If I throw in an “Oooh pretty” and “Look what I found!” I will sometimes be permitted to fasten the chosen accessory into her hair. But I usually have to do so while she’s riding her rocking horse or dancing to one of her favorite Wiggles’ songs. Needless to say the outcome is rarely what I would hope for.

During one of my Pinterest browsing sessions I stumbled across this idea for a DIY Bow Holder from The Paro Post. To be honest I'm not a big fan of the pink, but the idea in and of itself jumped out at me. Not only is this a brilliant idea for storage, but perhaps I could finally get Sophie excited about the idea of wearing cute hair accessories.

So here it is, a fun DIY project: Hair Clip Picture Frame

Here's what you'll need:

A wooden picture frame
Fabric ribbon - 1" wide (length will vary depending on the size of your frame)
Hot glue


Cut your ribbon to equal lengths that fit within your picture frame - The number of ribbons you use will depend on the size of your frame. I used 3 for this project.  

If you have an odd number then center the first ribbon on the back of your frame and hot glue each end into place.  

Glue the next ribbons into place equal distance from the first ribbon and the edge of the frame - you can eyeball it or use a ruler and pencil to mark precise points to place your ribbon.

I made two of these to hold all of Sophie's clips and bows. I hung them up in plain sight in the bathroom hoping that when she brushes her teeth in the morning she'll see them and shout with excitement "Mommy can I please wear a clip?!!!" Okay, so I recognize that it seems totally ridiculous, but one can hope.  

The hair clip frames look cute regardless. And the ribbon matches her Ocean in a Jar, which also has a home next to the sink to jazz up the kids bathroom.

Happy Monday!


  1. Do I see a pink picture frame? I think you like pink!!

  2. Very cute idea. Love how easy and inexpensive it looks to make.