Monday, December 17, 2012

Make It Monday: Mustache Mugs

Mustache's seem to be greeting me everywhere I go lately. Even post-Movember they are still out and about, but seem to be taking on different forms. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create my own tribute to the mustache by creating some mugs depicting facial hair styles. Here's a written tutorial using two different ceramic paint types.

What you'll need:

Ceramic mug
Ceramic paint pen or pots
Paintbrush (if using paint pots)

Step 1. Trace or draw a mustache onto your mug. Keep in mind you'll need to choose the correct side depending on if the beverage consumer is right or left handed.

Step 2. Paint over the sketched mustache. If you're using the paint pots and a paintbrush you'll need to do a couple of coats.

Step 3. Allow to dry according to the directions of your paint product. The paint pen I used required at least 4 hrs to dry and at most 8 hrs before heat curing in the oven. The paint pots I used required 4 days to dry before heat curing.

Step 4. Heat cure the mugs in an oven according to the paint product directions. Both products I used required placing the mugs in a cold oven, setting the correct oven temperature, baking for the allotted time once the oven reached the set temperature, turning the oven off, and opening the oven door slightly to allow the mugs to return to room temperature slowly.

Note: The heat cured finish for the mugs I made using ceramic paint pots was not dishwasher safe even though the directions say it should be. I didn't test the ceramic paint pen mugs in the dishwasher. I'd recommend hand washing your hand painted ceramics.

I created this set of "famous" mustache mugs to contribute to our work silent auction fundraiser for the United Way. It brought in a whopping $75. I used the paint pen to make this set.


I made this set, including a "his" and "hers" pair and 4 personality mustache mugs, as a secret Santa gift for a coworker. I used the ceramic paint pots and a fine point paintbrush to make this set.  

With these mugs anybody can sport a stache!

Happy Monday!

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