Monday, December 03, 2012

Make It Monday: Animal Figurine Ring Holder


Do you ever set your rings in random places in your kitchen while you're washing dishes or kneading dough? I do. And I often forget where I put them. This funny little elephant figurine has now become the new home for my rings when I'm working in the kitchen.

What you'll need:

Plastic figurine
Acrylic paint
Varnish gloss 
Medium terracotta pot base
Spray paint
Hot glue


Step 1.  Spray paint the terracotta pot base with a high gloss black spray paint or your colour of choice. Re-coat as directed and allow to dry completely.

Step 2. Paint your plastic figurine as desired. Once it's dry apply two coats of a clear varnish gloss to seal the acrylic.

Step 3. Trace the bottom of the terracotta pot base onto felt and cut out. Hot glue the felt to the bottom of the terracotta base.

Step 4. Hot glue the feet of your figurine to the terracotta pot. Now it's ready to guard your jewellery while you slave away in the kitchen, hooray!

Happy Monday!

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