Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Surviving the Grocery Store

I will be the first to admit that I am a grocery store snob. In particular, I have a serious aversion to the Superstore shopping experience.

Where are the olives?

I can never seem to find what I need. Admittedly this is most likely because I rarely shop there so I haven’t gotten used to the set up. But the enormous aisles are a bit ridiculous. I mean really have you ever tried to find pickled olives, anchovies or plum sauce? Good luck!

Panic at the checkout.

I always seem to get stuck in front of some impatient Superstore veteran who sends me evil glares as I frantically untangle my bags while piles of groceries come hurtling down the belt towards me. The evil glares are double if my obvious incompetence at pushing the darn conveyor belt button begins to impede the progress of the cashier. Unfortunately my apologetic looks never seem to quell their clear disgust at my ineptitude.

And these are solo trips, no children in tow because I am smarter than that.

You may be wondering why I bother going to Superstore considering my obvious dislike. Well two reasons.

Joe Fresh clothing for kids.

It is stylish and affordable. And it’s not plastered with pictures of the latest and greatest cartoon characters.

Two words: General Tao.

I can’t get enough of PC General Tao Chicken Chips. If you haven’t tried them you may not want to because they will change your chip eating experience.

So, after several attempts at grocery shopping at Superstore, my trips are now specifically to purchase Joe Fresh clothing when the occasion calls for it, with a quick side trip down the potato chip aisle to grab a couple bags of General Tao’s. And my neighbourhood Sobey’s will be my go to not just for convenience, but for self-preservation.

I love my neighbourhood Sobey’s.

They often give me a hand out to my car without even asking if I need assistance.

This is particularly wonderful, because I’m one of those able-bodied folks that would respond with “No thanks, I can manage,” even as my toddler is throwing all of the credit cards out of my wallet and my baby is mashing gummed up rice crackers into anything that is within reach.

They have shopping carts that fit two children.

Maybe I’m spoiled, but I just can’t fathom how parents with two kids under age 3 manage without a double seated shopping cart. Sure, you could put the older child in the large compartment of the cart, but with a full load of groceries, including produce and bakery products, that is a disaster waiting to happen. Albeit probably better than the inevitable destruction that would surely result from a toddler running rampant down the aisles.

 So, to you parents who must brave the insanity of grocery shopping with little kids, I say best of luck!

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