Monday, April 09, 2012

Make it Monday: Book Mobile

I feel as though I must begin this Make it Monday post with a sincere apology on Sophie's behalf to my wonderful friend Amy. Amy thoughtfully gave Sophie an awesome collection of books accompanied by an audio reader for Christmas. Sophie LOVES books, but unfortunately for four of these particular books, she found it more fun to rip pages apart one afternoon during nap time. My attempts to repair them were unsuccessful, sorry Amy.  

I couldn't bring myself to toss the books so I opted to create a book mobile after seeing some similar book art on Etsy, which by the way cost upwards of $40 or $50.

What you'll need:

Hard cover book
Hot glue gun with glue
Fishing line (optional)
Ceiling hook (optional)

Directions: (See pictures above for visual directions)

Tear all of the pages out of the book and separate them individually. Be sure to keep the cover and spine intact.

Line up the the spine edge and outside edge of one page and affix the edges together using a hot glue gun. Do not crease the fold.

Repeat the process with all of the pages of the book. If you are using a particularly thick book you can double up the pages. These kids books only had 8 or so pages each.

Open the book cover and begin by gluing one page into the inside spine of the book, continue with the rest of the looped pages gluing them to the sides of previously affixed pages so they begin to teardrop down. 

Glue the sides of looped pages to the cover to help push the cover out so it stays open.

To hang from the ceiling, simply thread fishing line through the spine, tie a loop adjusted to the length you want and hang from a hook in the ceiling.


Happy Monday!

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