Monday, September 03, 2012

Make It Monday: Erasable Meal Planner

Now that I'm back to work part time, with full time employment just around the corner, my focus of late has been on organizing and simplifying to avoid the inevitable chaos. Don't be surprised if my next few projects have an organization focus.

For the last couple of weeks I've been getting into the habit of meal planning as opposed to just pulling something together when I have a few minutes to spare in my day. So, to help simplify and of course beautify  to make it a little fun, I decided to create an erasable meal planner.

What you'll need:

8 x 10 picture frame with glass or plexi-glass
What's for dinner?  - free printable template
Dry erase marker
Picture hook or nail


Step 1. Print the What's for dinner? template, trim the excess white space to fit the 8 x 10 frame, and slide it in.

Step 2. Hang.

Step 3. Write directly on the glass and erase clean at the beginning of each week.

Easy peasy.

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the great idea. I'm making three as post Christmas gifts. They may be a New Year's resolution for my daughters to get organized. Thanks again.
    John Schmidt, Las Vegas, NV